Hi, I’m Mohua.

I am a writer, storyteller, voice artist, brand specialist, and podcaster.

My big idea in life is to tell your unique story and be a part of the process of your brand presence with a purpose. The more eyes and ears you reach, I find my purpose in you.

My podcast is a step towards the inner child in me that is tireless in creating social impact content, all along also giving a voice to the voiceless. I believe change is within us.

I have had the honour of hosting people across continents and together we shared ideas, laughter, and challenges with an endeavour in trying to incite critical thinking.

We are all together in this as we walk hand in hand navigating paths not often crossed.

Amplify your reach and create a presence
that is respected and leaves your audience in awe.

Brand Strategist

Your brand is more than the name, logo or caption. We help brands leverage their presence with a succinct brand story. This helps the brand stay ahead in the competition.

Content Creation

Content must make you feel, think and act upon it. Through words and effective storytelling, we do just that. We create immersive experiences through the power of words.

Voice Artist

Voice is a powerful tool of communication. The power of voice is used to make the mundane, extraordinary. Voice adds emotion, context and helps brands resonate with the audience.


Who doesn’t love a good conversation? Conversations are what keeps life moving. we find stories in every human interaction, that need to be told.

Design Expert

We reinvent the way brands are perceived without expertise in digitization and creative copywriting. We take it upon ourselves as our responsibility to ensure that your brands stand out.

Public Relations

How are you viewed by your stakeholders will determine your image. Our expert team guides you on how to handle interviews, devise a brand strategy, and others that help you make a mark.

Featured In

Vitiligo: It Could Happen To Any Of Us

Vitiligo is just another disease, it is not infectious, nor is it abnormal. What we consider as an “even” skin tone is simply what we are used to.

Crying is So Human

Look at the positive side of crying; it makes you feel so very human and wanted.

The MoodyMo Awaaz podcast is a space that is the voice of the people.

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MoodyMo Awaaz brings together people from all walks of life to share experiences and ideas that incite critical thinking.

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Episode 41

Jovita Mascarenhas | Co-Founder of Bartisans

Episode 40

Srila Chatterjee | Co-founder of BARO

Episode 39

Danish Husain | Actor & Theatre Director