A Writing Competition


One of the few positive outcomes of this lockdown is that we have all experienced first hand a tiny glimpse of how hard our mothers have to work to keep the home running and everyone happy. Work doesn’t stop once you leave the house, there’s always someone to care for, something to do. Why do they have to do it? Is it ever acknowledged?⠀

Let’s take a moment to appreciate them this Mother’s Day by sharing something about them that left an indelible mark on you, and made you who you are today.⠀

The Rules: ⠀

1) You must be a resident of India⠀
2) Like our Instagram Page ⠀
3) Share a story about your mother in 100 words along with something that reminds you of her– a photo, a video, or a song for example, by Sunday 6 PM
4) Mention and tag us (@m00dymo) and use the hashtag #NotWithoutMyMa in that post to qualify for the competition
5) We’ll select the winner on Sunday, at 9 PM⠀

The winner will get a gorgeous sari for their mother from Natsy by Design and a designer mask by Ravage, and we will re-post their story on our page and promote it. We’ll also link to this specific hashtag from our official page so all the participants’ stories can be found from there.⠀

Good luck everyone!⠀


You can see all the lovely stories people have uploaded here: https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/notwithoutmyma/

The Winners

🏆 The Winning Entry 🏆

by @kyakarogeyjaankar

“हमारी छोटी-सी चोट का भी बडे हो जाना,
खुदकी बड़ी चोट पे भी खडे हो जाना।
उसका आम-सी बात पे पिघल जाना,
बडे-बडे गमों को निगल जाना।
उसका कभी थके हुए नज़र न आना,
सबके सपनो के साथ आसनी से जुड जाना,
बेहिसाब लगन से रिश्ते को निभाते चले जाना,
चार काल की लेखनी में….
उसको कभी भी पूरा खुदगर्ज़ न लिख पाना।
नौ रसो से भारी, पर…
हर रस से हर बार “रति” रस का निकल आना…
सिर्फ लड़की को नहीं, सबके भावो को बदल देता है….
यह “माँ” शब्द का लग जाना।।



On the dark winter night when I was born,
God blessed me by making you my Mom.
You are the one who will love me till you close your eyes,
Forever you have prayed to God for my rise.
The mushy hands of yours protected me from a fall,
Amidst the harsh world you stood beside me firm as a wall.
Often we have arguments and clash of opinions,
However for my greater good you exercise your dominion.
Mom I aspire to make you proud,
So that you can zestfully stand across the crowd.
Your daughter loves you from the core of her heart,
Through thick and thin, I wish to be your counterpart.

– Niharika Singh

(https://www.instagram.com/stoical_leo_47/ )


From grabbing my tiny hands with your finger
to guiding me to walk alone,
you changed…

From making me slumber on your lap
to pat your hands over my stressful head,
you changed…

From teaching me the words of alphabets
to teaching me the words of life,
you changed….

From wiping my childish tears adorably
to wiping my pain covertly,
you changed….

From getting proud in my victory to forgiving my flawed story,
you changed…

From getting the identification of her own
to making me her identification, you changed….

What never changed is your shimmering smile when you see me…
What never changed is your happiness seeing me cheering and glee….💜

– Shreyasee
( https://www.instagram.com/artisticallyyours07/ )


They said you don’t look like your Ma,
Your sister does.
They said you can’t sing like your Ma,
Your sister can.
They said you could never cook like your Ma,
Your sister could.
And my face fell..
Every time they said my sister was a carbon copy of my Ma and not I.
And then they said
But you have her spirit, her shine, her steel, her stride…
That was enough to light me up, lift me up, and bring a spring to my step! This is my mother’s day special.. for her to know that I know, I am never without her. ❤

PS: We lost her when I was five and my sister was eleven. I have practically lived all my life without my Ma but I haven’t really lived a single moment without my Ma.

– Bhavna
( https://www.instagram.com/achhi_bhavna/ )


MUMMY , YOU & I are a perfect team.

I still remember the day when I came back home from school, angry and agitated, complaining that my best friend stole my pencil.
She got me two pencils that evening & asked me to gift one to my friend.

I reluctantly did and was surprised to have my friend hug me, crying and apologizing. His family was poor and could hardly make ends meet.

Maa, you taught me empathy and compassion.
Love triumphed over judgment.

– Suaad
( https://www.instagram.com/popy.art/ )