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This is my space to express myself, my love for the art of dressing well, for the unnamed weaver tucked into their little homes shorn of luxury yet creating luxury, for the all breathtaking places, stories and histories our world has to offer, and for the visionaries and unsung heroes working hard to build something no one else has.

What Inspires Me

What is the human story behind every object we know and love? Where are those wise men and women hiding, quietly living their lives in every place on earth, till a chance encounter with them changes your perspective on everything you’ve ever known?

I have lovingly held soft silk in my palms and felt the labor of love of the artisans involved in creating the yarn. I have yearned to watch the metamorphosis of the silkworm to a moth, and the silk that is created out of the cycle of nature. To me, this metamorphosis is my life and the many stages that I have overcome to thrive.

At the bus stop and the traffic signal, I watch women catching the bus or getting into the car with a story in her eyes and with a hope of better tomorrow.

I travel into these spaces where creativity, fortitude, and heroism are everyday affairs, but are rarely recognized for what they are.


I’m a branding expert, copywriter and entrepreneur with three decades of experience. I’ve been in senior roles with Grey Group, Brandcomm, HCL, ITC and worked with 50+ brands and affiliates across the country. I help brands become memorable through branding and content strategies that evoke the right emotions and make people want to engage with them. I have significant experience in working with fashion, textiles, hospitality and film. You can send me an email using the contact form on this site if you’d like to engage me for a project.