About Me

I have lovingly held soft silk in my palms and felt the labor of love of the artisans involved in creating the yarn. I have yearned to watch the metamorphosis of the caterpillar of a moth turn into a silkworm and then the cocoon and eventually the silk that is created out of the cycle of nature. To me, this metamorphosis is my life and the many stages that I have overcome and overhauled to reach the butterfly stage of my life.

To me, clothing, travel and women who embody the trials and tribulations of being well turned out even after a terrible day at home is my muse.

I am inspired and humbled at this vision that I see every day. At the bus stop and the traffic signal, I watch women catching the bus or getting into the car with a story in her eyes and with a hope of better tomorrow.

This blog is my space to express myself, my love for the art of dressing well, for the unnamed weaver tucked into their little homes shorn of ostentation but create an ostentatious garment, this I call the labor of love. I wish to write about my travel into those spaces where creativity is an everyday affair. My inspiration comes from women who never tire to invest into themselves for looking good, feeling good and doing good.

To the fortitude of my experiences I am in awe with this beautiful thing called life. It teaches me and moves me every time. I feel a shift in my emotional quotient where everyday my heart reaches out to each of us and our untiring journey. This metamorphosis is my journey of the self into the vast horizon ahead. It is called life and the awe inspiring moments of all that has shaped me into being me.