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It was a particularly dry summer in Jodhpur this year. The air was still. The heat made Kalpana stay inside the house. Except for the occasional vegetable shop visits or the pharmacist for her sanitary napkins. Both of which was only few minutes away from her home. Inspite of being indoors she could feel the desert heat sear into her skin.

She was about four months married. Her parents had found her a husband, from the same community. He was an educated man with a good job. She did not know the nature of his job or his salary. Her parents were convinced of his earnings and that itself was enough for Kalpana.

He was very protective about her. He always told her “Kalpana, you don’t need to venture out much, I will buy the weekly groceries and take you to the movie hall once a month. This city has many thieves and crime rate keeps rising up.”

Kalpana found that to be stifling but he was nice to her. She compared him to her father who was always angry around the house.

Kalpana settled into her new life and made friends with the neighbour’s wife. They both watched afternoon TV shows together over ginger tea and onion fritters. She was her new best friend in the city.

Today the air was cooler than before. Soon the skies began to rumble. Kalpana looked out of her window. Drop by drop the rain started pouring.

Kalpana closed her eyes, as the aroma of the fresh rain on the parched soil enveloped her being.

She quickly ran up to the terrace and stood under the rain. She didn’t realise that many minutes had passed. The rain was making her feel like a child, carefree and happy. It reminded her of her friends back in her little town.

Suddenly the terrace door flung open and her husband was standing there. His eyes were dark with anger and said “look at you, your boobs and your body is showing through your sari, you look like a fucking slut!”

As he walked down the steps he hissed “randi!

Kalpana covered her breasts with her hand, quietly lowered her eyes and promised him that she would never be a slut ever again.

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