In college, everyone teased her about her weight. She was aware that she more fuller than the others. She defended the soft bullying by making jokes about herself.

Most were drawn to her vivacious nature. It made her popular as someone who never felt bad. They called her a sport.

She was very attracted to Arnav in college. The handsome cricket team captain.

The day she saw him bat and run with his hair flying over his forehead, she knew she was in trouble. Arnav’s star status among his friends was what she wanted to belong to.

She followed him around like a puppy in college. It was done very clandestinely with her best friend. Trying to accidentally bump into him.

She walked into college every morning in the hope that he would notice her. But sadly he did not.

Her best friend advised her to lose some weight.
So she joined a nutrition programme.

At home, her parents were miffed with her new food rules. But they gave in.

Soon she began losing her weight. She got a new haircut, removed her body hair, and began wearing clothing, hoping he will notice her.

In her quest to be seen by Arnav, she slowly began losing the essence of who she was.

The glow in her dimmed.

The new clothing fit but her heart was broken.

Everyone complimented her. Arnav began noticing her but she was sad inside.

The fat jokes of the past popped up its head in her heart every few days.

The big girl lived in her new small body, reminding her that she is inadequate and imperfect

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