Sakina’s Secret

Watching Sakina get onto the train, was a big relief for her father. At home were two more unmarried daughters. His fertile young wife could never bear him a son, he so yearned to have. He secretly hated his wife for letting him down.

Sakina the eldest, was leaving for the city with her husband. She was 18 years old and had just finished her high school. Among the sisters, Sakina was the dullest of them all. She found it hard to study with her constant medication for anxiety.

Both Abbu and Ammi warned her from not revealing this to the groom. They reassured her that after her marriage everything will fall into place.

Sakina waved her hand, bidding adieu to her siblings and her parents. She could feel her cheeks wet with tears. The train slowly chugged away leaving Sakina with the distance between her familiarity and the unknown ahead. It was like a gaping hole that had no light. Sakina felt it could gulp her like the ocean that had no end.

She looked up to Arbaz, he seemed busy into his phone.

Arbaz found her staring at his face. He kept his phone aside and told her that she must know, that he is very busy with his job as a security guard in the mall. She must quickly figure things out for herself.

Sakina felt her heart-gripping with fear. As the night fell and the train compartment became dark, Sakina quietly ate one of her anti-anxiety pills. She counted the pills to 6 in her torn aluminium tablet sheet. As she gulped the pill, she knew that she would soon be without them and Arbaz would never understand why she needed them regularly.

She watched Arbaz sleep unaware on the train bunk.

In the dark she quietly covered her hands, which bore the multiple blade marks, she has cleverly hidden under her Mehendi and glass bangles.


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