Change Is Pain But A Huge Gain

Letting go of toxic people is an exercise of self-control, discipline, and constant reminders to self.

We unfortunately and unknowingly constantly recycle people, continually carrying on the toxic cycle.

We recycle people who have hurt us. When we don’t choose wisely, we are just giving them more time to hurt and to reduce us.

They come back to finish what they have not finished with you.

So please pay attention to the little red flags.

Don’t reconcile with the sorry.  If the actions are the same. They are not sorry about what they did to you.

The onus of change and going forward must be on the self.

You can only rely on yourself. Encourage yourself constantly. Start delving into the inner strength.

Go back to the goals. Start all over again, if you have to. But slowly let the toxicity go.


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