The Story Of The Half Egg

It was in the narrow lanes of the Koel bird, the black crows, and the Palash blooms that Rekha was born to Bijon.

Rekha was dark with sharp features and was an angry baby girl. She had a mind of her own right from the start.

Her mother Bijon was unlike her daughter. She was tall and fair, fitting into the conventional beauty standards in women.

Bijon had wavy hip long hair, an oval face with large eyes, and a sharp chin. Rekha was short and stubby. Her hair was raven long but what was different about Rekha was the burning ebb of fire in her eyes.

Bijon looked after her little girl’s hair. She tied her hair in two tight long braids. Bijon was worried. She knew her daughter’s temper. Each time Rekha was angry, she pulled her own hair, untied the ribbons and threw herself on the floor, and wept till her eyes hurt.

Bijon and her husband went from pillar to post. They visited all the temples, churches and visited every witch in town to cure Rekha’s anger.

Everyone knew that if things didn’t go Rekha’s way, she yanked off her hair ribbons and cried.

Bijon was sure it was the goddess Kali in her soul. The couple gave up eating meat and tried all temples to find peace, to no avail. They were worried Rekha would never be able to make friends or ever get married.

None knew that Rekha’s resentment started at the family dinner hour. All she wanted was a full egg, instead of the half one given to her for years on end.

Her brother who hated eggs got one whole egg in all his meals. Bijon explained that he was supposed to get more nutrition than her. He is the son after all.

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