Raj Your Raj Is Over!

Imagine to wake up one morning to a revelation that you have been doing “Karwachauth” and putting up posts of your happy marriage, looking like the perfect family, but the ugly truth is all over the media. Your charming, large hearted husband is accused of pornography, has been arrested and slapped a case by the authorities.

Will you still stay, will you still defend the husband or will you wait for the storm to pass because you know with experience that most Indians are star struck and they will forget this incident like they do and did for many actors till date?

We all know that pornography is among the few entertainment industries, where the protagonist is always the female lead, she is the star. In this plot the man is only the means to the end.

Let’s take the case of Sunny Leone, she became a star of International repute. Melania Trump, was a model who posed nude and became the First Lady of USA.

They have been accepted inspite of the exposure. Moral brigade was also very kind hearted in these cases.

Sadly stars of this genre of films do not receive creative adulation for all the orgasms they fake. Mainstream artists are revered and awarded the Oscar Etcetc for good work but the pornography actors and their work is not considered artsy at all.

So one can say it is a big challenge for the porn star – the leading lady on the lens. She is looked upon very degradingly. But right now we have Raj Kundra who has to defend himself against the charges made by Poonam Pandey.

I am waiting to watch if Shilpa Shetty will put up her loving family puja posts, post this ugly truth about her husband.

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