Labels are good for fashion brands only!

Criticism and judgemental comments are doled out in abundance towards women who question gender identity and roles.

It requires huge self belief for women to stand their ground on gender equality dialogues. The women who question the status are viewed as a rebel. Often the protests are nipped like a flower at its bud.

It is not enough that media is bombarded with gory tales of rape, dowry, harassment and more, yet misogyny raises its ugly hood with its many twisted versions of ideal feminism.

There is a derogatory slang for extreme feminists, they are called the Feminazis.

Feminazis are compared to the Nazis. As the Nazis are unforgivable in history for the Holocaust. The feminazis too are said to be like the cruel Nazis. These women apparently think men don’t deserve a place on this planet.

The claim is that a feminazi thinks that all men must be stripped of “male entitlements” in society.

I was very curious to find the genesis of the word “Feminazi”!

As I researched, I was not surprised that it was a word coined by a man.

The late American radio host Rush Limbaugh used this word Feminazi.

Rush Limbaugh who is know to be famous for his brand appeal of being a judgmental human being, questioned the feminist movement and ensured women cringe with the assault of labels

Rush Limbaugh had to once apologise for calling a girl a prostitute on his talk show.

So labels like Feminazi, are just another way of telling us, by another man as to how much or how little we are allowed to protest.

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