You can’t escape!

I had given up my career. But over time I had an identity that I had conjured up of myself in my head. In this identity I am this glamorous woman who has the swag. But this identity is threatened every other day.

I am jolted with comments from public and acquaintances as being seen as just a housewife. I am convinced that I am more than that.

So to that self belief, I tried one interview with an editor of First Post. He was kind and told me to send a piece of my writing on culture and said “can’t promise, but will connect you with the features editor”. I said thank you and tried calling him a couple of times. Felt embarrassed to follow up. The lunches, parlour visits and meeting people was still making me restless. Age too was not on my side.

Someone said come join social media. My son opened my Facebook account. Reluctantly I decided to join the herd and be “with it” on Facebook and Instagram. I did a quick math and told myself that I will be sparingly seen and not all over it. I didn’t want to be perceived as an exhibitionist.

Deep in my heart, I needed to break out of my housewife identity and do something more meaningful. Like it wasn’t enough that I had given up my life to look after home and hearth. I needed to prove what more I could do. As I gingerly surfed, I found Instagram to be photo centric with mostly easy reads and beautiful photographs. So I decided to start a page and call myself a “writer”. I realised I can be anyone on this medium. In my head I was “who cares, what you think of me? I am a writer”.

It’s been two years and In this journey, I have met many people who take a dig and crack jokes about the influencer community. Influencers are generally made out to be idiots. My confusion remains that the ones criticising them, all have Instagram accounts. So please know that the critics are there like the voyeur but judgy as hell.

I personally feel that the digital world is a complex drug that gives us the dopamine we want by posting stories, reels, IGTV, Insta live, voice overs and content that is consumed by people who are increasingly living their lives with their mobile devices.
It is so much easier now to be connected to the world with your phone. I carry it with me even in the loo break. I love this fix.

This is truly radical. Everyone is getting a platform to perform. I too am a performer, faltering but going on.

I have been able to earn a paltry sum as a writer, voice artist and a podcaster, this would not have been possible if I didn’t commodify myself out there on Instagram. No one even noticed me before that.

So this is a big cheers to all influencers, bloggers, photographers who don’t need the finances or the contacts for showcasing their art in a gallery, or the formal office for their creativity to be seen, appreciated and valued.

Suddenly you don’t need to be Karan Johar’s inner circle or a Kapoor. You can become an Insta star with a surname like Bhattacharjee or Krishnamurthy too.

On Instagram I especially enjoy the gender related quotes and posts. Many make me laugh and also kick start my day with the relatability. I do follow the “hot looking men” Instagram page to drool and DM my girlfriends the photos of those Spanish/Arabic men like a good day/good morning text.

To cut long story short, Influencers are here to stay. All authors, businesses, corporate houses are beginning to realize there is a huge influencer community that can influence the reputation of your product.

So cynics please know that you will be fossilised if you don’t join the bandwagon. The world is gearing up for many entrepreneurs who will make the bucks sashaying into your phone screen. You can’t ignore them. Just start the podcasting or hire me to do it for you.

I just joined Clubhouse. I was part of a clubhouse session with oily hair, my crinkled nightdress and my dog sleeping next to me. It was in the comfort of my space. I met over 20 women across the globe cheering me up for my reboot and offering work opportunities.

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