The Material, Monumental Matriarch of Pop

Happy Birthday Madonna.

The Queen of Pop, the “Material Girl”, ruled the stage for decades with her iconic conical bras, French frocks, thigh high boots and red lips that never feared to speak the truth, however uncomfortable it was. She questioned religion, politics and sex.

Madonna may not be an icon for the youth of today but for the older girls and older men she is an inspiration and they remain a Madonna fan forever. This makes her madly important even today.

Her erotic book on Sex created huge unrest when people were not ready to accept her raw style appeal and rebellion. The “ fuck you” attitude in her persona was overpowering as she stood for the LGBTQ movement and her artistic work made us question the eternal views of good versus bad. She was criticised for her boldness but the same critics often forget the pop icon’s success and her innumerable No 1 singles on the pop charts.

Today she celebrates her 62nd birthday with her family and her 25 year old boyfriend.

As much as the church-going critics who wished she and those she inspired would be punished by god and become lonely and depressed, they have to take their words back and hide in shame.

Madonna today has a full family with 6 children, a doting boyfriend and net worth over billions.

As she says “I am tough, I am ambitious, and if that makes me a bitch, I am OK!”

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