The Hands to Empower

Pavitra Muddaya of Vimor has worked tirelessly in the world of crafts since the last 40 years. Her saris were worn by the Late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and her designs are a reflection of her passion and commitment as one of the best known crafts crusaders from Karnataka.

Clothes are essential to our lives. Yet, this quarantine has debilitated the weavers and artisans of their basic livelihood and sustenance. They are so far removed from us in our modern world that we didn’t notice.

The gift that we all have is a pair of hands that enables us to create art and help others. We can make a difference to the lives of the many craftsman whose hopes lie in our hands, just by endorsing the painstaking work that their needle and thread does to create magic for when our days are good.

Pavitra has started a venture called “The Hands to Empower”, it is a training course in hand embroidery for unemployed women at Gadag. It is a livelihood opportunity for women to be financially independent.

It started on February 13th, before anyone knew this country-wide lockdown was going to happen. What you see below is just one month’s learning for these women who are trained to create this craft. Imagine the impact once their training is completed!

This training allows them to work from home, prevents a distressed migration, is low investment and they earn according to their own determination to succeed and build self-confidence.

Today there are 20 women who are so enthusiastic and are dreaming of creating their own businesses. Let’s us all join hands together to help them succeed.

Click on this link for details and donation options :https://www.instagram.com/p/B-y0CPoJpYn/

Vimor Foundation: https://vimorfoundation.org/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vimorfoundation/
Vimor: https://vimor.in/

The Vimor foundation runs The Vimor Museum of Living Textiles, Project ‘New Chance’, and also researches Indian Handloom Tradition and Sustainability. They are currently running a fundraiser for several traditional weaving and handloom communities,you can find the details on their Instagram page here: https://www.instagram.com/p/B-y0CPoJpYn/

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