As my days have once again become more and more occupied with writing, brands and marketing, I began scribbling notes, because I found in this meaningful episode I’m going through I meet so many people from different walks of life.

I’m delving into a new age of expression, of marketing & brand building, where the entire scenario has changed from before. This will keep changing at a drastic pace, it won’t stop at Web 2.0 or 3.0. There is nothing desperate or “millennial” about this space, and it’s time for older generations like mine to take it seriously.

Tik Tok is just the latest among many such platforms. There are smart, successful influencers in every subject that you can think of and most of them are adding value to people’s lives in a way that the aloof corporate sales teams of yesteryear could never do.

Coming from a world where tik tok meant the clock hands and tapur tupur and pitter patter meant raindrops, I am in fascination. It is the rise of the new seconds-long videos, hot takes, eye-catching setups and absurdist, contextual humour that appeals to masses and niches. And I think it’s a great platform for expression. So women like me returning to this line of work are daunted because ding dong & tik tok is not my scene and I watch in awe youngsters busy building personal brands with such mathematical accuracy . I admire them!

So is the world changing where influencing is one the greatest tools of marketing platforms apart from the other traditional methods of media buying, print ads, films, PR and the rest? The answer is yes, it is. And for as long as it lasts, we must take it seriously.

What bothers me is I hear established professionals who also wish to sell products say “oh today people are desperate they will do anything to get that 2 minutes of fame.” But the same people will be OK with almost anything if you promise them visibility and ROI.

Who made Rakhi Sawant famous? We did! I admire her ability to cater to a crowd hungry for more. Recently the stunt by comedian to provoke Arnab to get angry got both of them TRP. We have made Arnab famous, why are we complaining?

New media is fueled by attention. It is not passive. It responds only to feedback and numbers. So if something is popular, there is a reason for it, so thinkers need to look much closer than “this is bad” and “this is good”.

So many of us consider women who are showing off saris and girls monetizing make up tips on social media as dumb asses & desperate.

My question is why won’t and why shouldn’t any young girl be “desperate”, she is still to reach her potential. What is she doing or selling that wasn’t sold before or talked about before, and why was it not considered dumb then? Is doing it on her own platform somehow less authentic than having a model on a humongous ad banner on a main road?

Has there ever been any man-made tool that couldn’t be misused or be replaced with something better in the future?

There are those who eschew social media, and they walk the talk by eschewing it for their own companies, too. I can respect that decision.

We talk of being non-judgmental. Hell No! We are pseudo as hell and part of the same breed of “judgers” as I call them, over their coconut latte smile smugly & tell me “women/girls/ aunties are desperate to return, they will do anything to get there”. Is that wrong in itself, is my question? ,

Then why are you all on Instagram and Facebook? You are because you too want to reach out to your potential customers, expand your network, and seek self validation and admiration for your life and your work. Come on, now!

There are of course more ethical and better ways to use social media and influencer marketing. But does one enable innovation, progress and integrity in anything by standing outside it and pointing fingers? We must get involved! Stop judging people and their choices for self expression. Many of these people are maybe earning more than you! Don’t we try to influence our peers, our children our spouses? Some are smarter, they don’t just make money out of it, they have made businesses work better for their consumers and the earth, they lift others up, and they make a big dent in the world!

1) Yes, those glasses in the featured pic are borrowed. To get that intellectual look I’ve always wanted!
2) For the more embarrassing/hilarious side of influencer marketing look no further than this Instagram account: Influencers in the Wild
3) And speaking of being a woman on social media, let’s give a shoutout to all the creepy stalkers, lurkers and budding plagiarists out there! ❤️

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