As I drove out of the city,  a weary traveller, away from the restrictive spaces of concrete, monstrous buildings and the material possessions that have begun owning me more than me owning them, as the car moved with my music on my player, I was leaving much more than just the cityscape behind. I was leaving behind the worries and the heaviness in my heart and being greeted by the dusty streets of the charming small towns of Karnataka.

The city kept fading into smaller towns, with homes that had cows tied at the front yard and haystacks catching the last rays of the December sunlight. Women walked in groups with coloured ribbons on their hair heading to a destination unknown. I wondered how joyous it would be to not know the devil called ambition and monetary growth. I was glad I would be away from the sound of the cars honking into my eardrums. I was heading to the western ghats of Karnataka to this new luxury resort, spread over 40 acres on a coffee estate called Java Rain, 9 km away from Chikmagalur town.

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I passed the towns and finally into the forest-dense roads. As we travelled further the air got cooler, making me hold my light woollen shawl tighter over my shoulders. That nip in the air was touching my heart reminding me of the unknown winters, changing seasons, and the ephemeral nature of life.

The road meandered into smaller tree laden lanes to find a small sign leading me on to Java Rain Resorts. As I drove into the coffee plantation;’s driveway I arrived at the main porch of Java Rain. It was picturesque with an infinity pool overlooking the Mullayanagiri mountains covered with clouds and an azure sky ahead, fading into a horizon that beckons you to leave it all behind.

Java Rain Resorts has twenty luxury villas, 1250 sq ft each, surrounded by silver oak, wild fig and orange trees.

The staff was courteous and before I knew it my luggage was being pulled out of my car and a fresh welcome drink was served.  As I sipped the cool fresh juice, I couldn’t take my eyes off from the infinity pool leading to a portico that was  overlooking the town ahead. The small town was merging into the clouds, hovering across the hills like an artist and her muse. 

I'm wearing a Gamcha Dress made by 145 East.
Having a light breakfast, wearing my Gamcha Dress made by 145 East. Perfect for the occasion! 🙂

I checked into my villa, it was the presidential suite called Fika, which means “a coffee break” in Swedish.  The room overlooks the town and has 3 bedrooms with a private pool, a living area, Jacuzzi and the chirping of the birds. I threw myself on the soft bed with large pillows and sank into it. I was looking forward to sleeping like a baby in this spacious room with a large window overlooking the mountains and the sun setting.

The glory of the morning rays broke into my room through the drawn out sheer curtains, just like a lover nudging me, urging me to allow its rays to touch my skin, laden with a freshness of gratitude and overwhelming feeling of the glory of the sunshine. 

I decided I was not going to waste the Western Ghat’s morning sun rays, so I took my coffee & my diary down the slope ahead from my room, and I found a large wooden table with a bench overlooking the range ahead. I sat with my diary and heard the silence of the trees swaying to the wind ahead. When I put my pen to paper, what followed was an overflowing of emotions, that I had long buried deep in the concrete of my city. My words flowed like an unhindered honey stream, from my jug of hope. I wrote of hope in hopelessness and I wrote of love in unloving environments. 

My last line read “ splashes of sunshine on my yearnings of yesterday, it showed up in the promise of my magnificent tomorrow. As I admire the cliffs ahead in the sun’s morning glow, drench me in your splendour, dance me to my infinity in your glory, just like the butterflies on the flower bed seeking its nectar in this paradise called Java Rain”  

Continued in Part 2: Mullyanagiri Morning

Java Rain has prepared a special package just for MoodyMo fans, available from Jan-March 2020. You can check it out here:

How to get there

The closest big city is Bangalore, and there are multiple transportation options available from there including Ola Outstation, Uber Intercity and Car Rental services like ZoomCar, Drivezy and Avis. From Bangalore, it’s a perfect weekend getaway. You can also get there from Mangalore and Mysore. Distances and estimated time by road:

  1. Bangalore to Java Rain, Chikmagalur (245km, ~4.5 hours)
  2. Bangalore International Airport to Java Rain, Chikmagalur (276km, ~5 hours)
  3. Mangalore to Java Rain, Chikmagalur (161km, ~4 hours)
  4. Mangalore Airport to Java Rain, Chikmagalur (169km, ~4 hours)
  5. Mysore to Java Rain, Chikmagalur (200km, ~4.5 hours)

You can also make a reservation by phone: +919901674477 (and kindly give us a shout-out when you do!)

Java Rain Google Maps Link:

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