By now noon was bidding farewell on the Mullayanagiri peaks ahead. The birds were flying in a straight line towards their nests. This was the godly hour when the moon started to slowly take tentative steps from behind the sun to shine brightly in her own aura against the darkening skies of the night. 

I sat with my traveller friend at the deck of the bar, 50 ft above civilisation, staring at the skies turning a dark colour. It was the Godhuli Lagan. This hour was when down below the glittering town was readying to take the cows into the shed and lighting the lamps to dispel the darkness of life with the hope of a good night ahead.  

The bartender got us two glasses of a good-bodied red wine with a cheese platter. It was the perfect setting for a sundowner.  I couldn’t take my eyes away from the panoramic view of the fading sun and the emerging moonlight. I had just met another guest and we realized we had so much in common. 

You strike friendships in unknown places and the joy of talking to a stranger who you wouldn’t meet ever again. You tell the other about your fears and your dreams unhindered without the fear of judgement. 

As the night started getting heavy with conversations and music from my phone. We walked down to find a little gazebo with white curtains billowing in the night air and a table laden with food and more red wine. We decided to read a book taking turns in chapters. The curtains blew in the cold nippy air. The town ahead was twinkling like little stars. This was the perfect getaway. 

Once we finished the book, it was time to part ways, and we thanked each other for the time spent. As I was walking back into my villa. I looked up to the sky above, it was studded with stars each brighter than the other. Like it was a party happening from above. 

I tucked into my bed that evening thinking over what we miss if we don’t write about our companions and the strangers we meet during your travel, who for those ephemeral moments become closer than the closest equations you have in your life. I guess the lit gazebo with little bulbs helped to make my mind at ease and I spoke of memories and nostalgia. 

I left the next day with gratitude towards the benevolence of human connections and all that appear different from one another is actually extremely similar. We all seek solitude, company, happiness, melancholy and we all thrive in human connections. 

Crimson Peak lived up to its name at Java Rain Resorts. The crimson ending to the evening took my blues away. 

The town slept as I woke up to find the next chapter of my diary of encounters.

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How to get there

The closest big city is Bangalore, and there are multiple transportation options available from there including Ola Outstation, Uber Intercity and Car Rental services like ZoomCar, Drivezy and Avis. From Bangalore, it’s a perfect weekend getaway. You can also get there from Mangalore and Mysore. Distances and estimated time by road:

  1. Bangalore to Java Rain, Chikmagalur (245km, ~4.5 hours)
  2. Bangalore International Airport to Java Rain, Chikmagalur (276km, ~5 hours)
  3. Mangalore to Java Rain, Chikmagalur (161km, ~4 hours)
  4. Mangalore Airport to Java Rain, Chikmagalur (169km, ~4 hours)
  5. Mysore to Java Rain, Chikmagalur (200km, ~4.5 hours)

You can also make a reservation by phone: +919901674477 (and kindly give us a shout-out when you do!)

Java Rain Google Maps Link:

  1. It is simply alluring. What is the best time of the yearto visit? How many days you would suggest to stay there? It would have been very interesting to know which book you were discussing in such a heavenly settings.

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