Feel your stressed nerves relax, as you usher in your weekend getaway at the infinity waterbody, overlooking the town of Chikmaglur, welcoming you at The Java Rain Resorts , nestled among coffee estates in Karnataka.

Dress by: Ahalyaa, Earrings: Jaypore

This is the presidential suite called Fika, which means “coffee break” in Swedish. I did exactly what the room was named after. I fixed myself a strong brew overlooking the large bay window ahead. The living room was done with artifacts from Java with a minimalist decor. The sunlight above threw shades on the morning glory of the mountain sun.

The view from the living room

This was the morning I was waiting for. The glory of the sun from the Mullyanagiri peaks were breaking into my room with a promise of a new day. I sat mesmerized in the magic of that godly hour. This felt so right.

Gamcha Dress by: 145 East

As I found my way into the deck of the Coffee shop called Mirra, I was looking ahead at the town below with a steaming cup of coffee and freshly baked cupcakes, sourdough bread, cheese and the wonderful, friendly staff who made me feel like a princess. I want this for a little while longer, to ponder and to rest my tired nerves.

Continued in Part 3: Infinity Poolside with Martinis and More

Java Rain has prepared a special package just for MoodyMo fans, available from Jan-March 2020. You can check it out here: https://javarainresorts.com/moodymo.html

How to get there

The closest big city is Bangalore, and there are multiple transportation options available from there including Ola Outstation, Uber Intercity and Car Rental services like ZoomCar, Drivezy and Avis. From Bangalore, it’s a perfect weekend getaway. You can also get there from Mangalore and Mysore. Distances and estimated time by road:

  1. Bangalore to Java Rain, Chikmagalur (245km, ~4.5 hours)
  2. Bangalore International Airport to Java Rain, Chikmagalur (276km, ~5 hours)
  3. Mangalore to Java Rain, Chikmagalur (161km, ~4 hours)
  4. Mangalore Airport to Java Rain, Chikmagalur (169km, ~4 hours)
  5. Mysore to Java Rain, Chikmagalur (200km, ~4.5 hours)

You can also make a reservation by phone: +919901674477 (and kindly give us a shout-out when you do!)

Java Rain Google Maps Link: https://goo.gl/maps/LDPBNn3ir1huf1Dc7

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