The Collective Creative Conciousness Cresendo In Channapatna

With Atul Johri

As I sat sipping my wine on a warm sunny day at my favourite restaurant, Grasshopper Bangalore, my eyes wouldn’t leave a necklace that was inside the studio.

Among the other things, this design was reaching out to me. Calling me to try it on. It had a unique bohemian, minimalist appeal to it. I had to make it mine.

It was placed near the studio window with the sunlight streaming into the corners of the untouched space, yet touching the beads in abandon. I knew I had to find out more.

I held the necklace against my skin & my discovery into its creator began.

It started from the narrow lanes of oft-forgotten Channapatna, Karnataka, of wooden toy fame, and into the red-gated property of Atul Johri’s Tulsi Farms.

A space Atul choose to live away from his hometown of Lucknow and create an economy of pride among the artisans of this state. This journey needs resilience and a meditative mindset. Atul embodies it.

As I saw more designs, I was in love with love all over again. The pond had lotus blooming in it and the artisans creating their magic under Atul’s tutelage, learning, absorbing and slowly nurturing a sense of pride and belonging to their soul art.

I choose among the other things this suede string necklace with clusters of wooden beads hanging like the Red Jade Vine and flaming forest flower. Exactly what my outfit needed that evening.

There are wooden lacquerware bangles, earrings, wooden beads in beautiful red, yellow, indigo to clasp around your neck. The finish is international and it has the quiet dignity of the Lucknowi Andaaz behind the designs.

My cluster of the flowers hanging on me reminded me of the many yearnings lost and found among memories.

This inspiration was from the Mucuna flower that thrives and blooms with love sunshine and rain drops, drizzling it with life.

Like most creative pursuits to reach its ultimate level of spirituality, the Mucuna reminds me that it’s so simple to be beautiful yet most struggle to find the beauty in themselves forever. Design sensibility is an art that few can capture.

Atul’s muse remains the woman and her myriad moods and this is an ode to all of life and the flaming Gulmohar, Jasmine and Lotus found abundantly growing at Tulsi Farms. Nature-inspired and delivered in the designs.


Atul Johri’s details: 

Website: http://atuljohri.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/atuljohri_designs/

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