Dear All,
How do I address you? What do you call people from all over, scattered like autumn leaves on a sunny day?
Do I call you friends, guides, angels or my guiding force?

Ok, I think I got this succinct. Yes, you are my  “guiding force”. A silent spectator of my dreams, a silver lining to the clouds.

You have been with me on this journey last year, I found the world around me changing, morphing into a shapeless formless beautiful bubble,  that caught the sun rays of wisdom and the restful gaze of the moonlight. It was light in its being and heavy in its weight of wisdom.

I watched the clouds above the pass to open up to a clearer vision and an azure sky. It was like a blank sheet of paper that allowed me to pen my words and break the nib if it got too blunt and egged me to not conform.

The pen got sharper, clearer and above all, it filled its bosom with the ink of honesty.

I met some wonderful people on this journey who believed in dreams and unicorns. They heard a tune that the universe shared with them and in turn, they shared the tune with the world around them.

That tune turned into a crescendo and got people and hearts together telling them they are never alone.

As I reached out my hand outside the window sill, the iron mesh couldn’t stop me from feeling your hand in mine and at times a dewdrop fell from somewhere above telling me. It’s ok, March on!!

I saw death, I saw the birth, I saw love and above all, I saw my vision towards myself had changed. I got braver and felt lesser the need to say sorry.

Loving you all got easier with my words and my sentences. I received the support and I found myself not wobbling in worry and confusion.

Thank you for holding on. Bidding goodbye to a year gone by and looking forward to 2020 with you all.

Like they say let’s go the extra mile with our consciousness and a heart full of gratitude, that extra mile is never ever too crowded. Go, walk that extra mile.

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