The Sacred Shade Of Indigo

What begins as a soft tune in the heart and reaches a final crescendo of tunes, notes and the symphony is what some creations are all about. The indigo collection from Sunaina Sood is a tribute to the very wisdom and spirituality of the colour with connotations of it in our inner being.

I walked into Ducan, Prasad Bidapa’s store in Bangalore and among all the things calling out devilishly to me was the long Indigo dress,  it was styled with a silk scarf that had silver and red tassels.

I was sure that  I wouldn’t go wrong with this gown. I looked at it with love and touched the fabric. It was a soft Khadi that was cut at the waist level with the volume of indigo falling in layers. It was a gown with a difference. I knew I had to have it in my collection of blues. It is one of my favourite colour and I know the hue of indigo does and it’s magic on my skin, on evenings of loneliness and despair.

Yes, this dress touches my soul, gently telling me that nature too has created a colour that respects the vibgyor of emotions. Blue has so many shades, in its myriad hues, there lies indigo with her sacred shade of wisdom. And here I was face to face with a creation that held all my sensibilities together.

I styled the dress with kohl smudged eyes and as I looked ahead at life, I saw the sun peeping at me through its twilight hour. I held my hair in a bun and also let it loose feeling the freedom of the fabric hugging my body, telling me it’s another light-year of travel within self when you find your sacred spot of becoming. Right now I would celebrate the woman in me, lost and found among the undone vessels and crumpled clothes in the corner. I would seek and find myself in the crease of the layers of my favourite colour.

Sunaina Sood take a bow!  Very few create clothing that doesn’t need a tuck or a stitch for the final fit,  reminding you of the years that have gone by in the destruction and resurrection of the many roles we play this lifetime as a woman.

Your dress fits me like it was meant only  for me.

My indigo dress lies peacefully among the others, the only difference is that it tells me, “you know, you won’t go wrong with me even on a bad day. Like your soul sister,  I would fall on your shape to accentuate not just you, but also your inner beauty.”

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