It was the rain-drenched hills ahead that soaked my soul in the quest of me. The mountains were not visible any longer as the rain poured unhindered against the damp moss-covered hills.

As I sat by my window in the special room, in The Himalayan Writing Retreat in Sathkol. I searched for answers for my restless mind. It played tricks on me like which mountain top would rise above to clear the existential angst I often indulged myself in.

Where was I going from here? Would I  be able to resurrect my career all over again? These questions often made me sit up and think.

I understood as time passed and realized I had lost out on salaries and promotions as a woman employee. Most companies those days said once a female employee is married her priorities would change. I tried hard to explain that I would work harder to not let anything affect my years of passion and love. Balancing home, work & heart wasn’t new for any of us.

As I felt the teardrop fall in the corner of my eye, I bravely wiped it away. I am no weak mother, wife and all the roles I have played forever. We are supposed to be the shelter against the rain for our homes and everyone who put us on a pedestal of being The Nari. The all-encompassing benevolence to all but ourselves.

Ma often told me as a child that “be like the rainbow, that is the bridge connecting you to your god. “

But here I was sitting against the rain-drenched glass window and trying to see if the sun would come up. I wanted to be lying in the magic of the rainbow and it’s the promise of hope, that life is how we meet ourselves every day. We die to be born anew every moment.

Iris is the Greek name for rainbow and Ma called it “Ramdhanu” because it resembles the bow of Lord Rama. Which is like a protection against the storms of your life.

I waited all evening till dusk fell and the mountains ahead had a mysterious dark aura to its stoic presence around me.

I looked inside my room and realized that I couldn’t find the rainbow just now maybe, but I had my rainbow weave dress from the brand, WeAreLabeless, this would be my rainbow for tomorrow if the sun didn’t show up.

I pulled out the rainbow weave drape dress and wore it the next day.
It fit me like a dream. The drape fell comfortably on my body & I felt the worry wear away from me. Like it was telling me that rainbows are found also in the darkness, you need the eyes to see it.

The clouds moved exactly the way I wanted it the next day but the rainbow didn’t show up. My rainbow weave, hawk button dress on my body was caressing me with its soft cotton fabric like a poem from the hills afar.

The brand, WeAreLabeless is a conscious fashion hub, which works on the Sustainable Development Goals 2030. Primarily with SDG 5, Gender Equality & SDG 12, Responsible Consumption & Production. WeAreLabeless works closely with craftsmen from all across the country. It runs on collaborations from all areas and expertise of art & craft. The brand provides daily-wear luxury garments with a story.

Follow their journey on:

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