Dispel The Dark To Bring In The Light This Diwali

Yes, it is the season of lights. It’s festive with a general feel of the Diwali bonhomie all over the air. It is this time of the year when all the invitations and sweets begin and I try to avoid them as much as I can. It’s the same card parties that I feel unfamiliar in. Of course, I still am a victim of FOMO but I promise you I am reaching nirvana. Yes, I do feel inadequate, when I can’t do a match to match the account of the happening parties in town.  But I get over it in a fraction of a second. There is less confusion on this part.  I never needed the approval of others to march on. It’s a delicious sense of freedom as I watch the trapped souls needing that belonging for self-validation.

That’s the thing of societal hierarchies and finding your place in that ladder of whether you have arrived or not, having made the cut or not and it must be pressure for some to belong to the class versus the mass.
It is hard work of looking the part.

You meet groups of well-wishing friends who ask you “hey,” the usual kiss on the cheek & what follows is “see you for so & so’s Diwali party”…..I draw a blank there, I have mastered the art of looking like I am with it…it’s a bit pseudo I admit and I do feel slightly intimidated, that maybe I am not popular. I say “yes, yes, will probably see you”.  I am fighting tad bit impatience with this conversation and I cover up with a hurried yes yes. And as I turn around, I run on my heels. I am confirming I don’t want to be part of this competition culture.

Invitations happen on good standing in society and the invitation is fished out. Here also one rule, you invite me and I invite you. It’s quite I scratch your back and you scratch mine theory many times. Here social hierarchies are very thought through for the coveted invite.

Of course, it sounds perfectly fine….you made the money and you have the right to do whatever you wish with that hard work & I am no Laal Salam comrade to argue.
I can’t help yet notice the big cars outside the bonhomie & the drivers & their homes and what goes on in their mind when they see such glaring inequality. I wonder what Diwali they spend at home with their kids and wife & rest of the family, watching this disparity.

I am reminded of Joker (I am highly influenced as of now) who was pushed till he took on & goodness it’s a frightening thought if we have any serious joker among the guys out there in the cold, shivering and hoping life would give him or her a chance to earn enough to lead a good basic life. I just wish along with the fun, we could look beyond our noses and probably adopt a family for education, sanitation, food, medicines or just something and also include the parties in the to-do list, adding a bit of social betterment resolutions too. It’s a  fair deal. Isn’t it?

The more you give, the more you receive is my mantra.
What’s yours this Diwali?

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