The Opulence of Sangeeta Boochra’s Creations

Invaders since history have plundered and destroyed in a macho desire to establish their identity. And while establishing identity of their separate culture they also have left footprints of their rich art and traditions.

We witness the magic of resilience of the plundered citizens as they wipe away the fear, the devastation and yet retain the beauty of the remnants.

The Mughal Era in our country saw the introduction of the art forms in clothing, architecture and art. Their opulent craftsmanship was introduced into the jewellery of the invaded Rajput Kings and Queens. Here you see the passing of guard where the creators were the subjugated common artisans.

So many years have passed but the indelible mark of this vintage art is still coveted among the connoisseurs of jewellery wearers and makers from the region of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and Orissa. Who could forget the simmering passion between Akbar and his Rajput Queen Jodha! She embodied the Mughal jewellery all over her persona making her beautifully broken yet resurrected with his love and her eventual surrender to Akbar.

Sangeeta Boochra’s brand is also an ode to the art of the Mughal Era. The multiple silver chain necklace settles on my heart chakra and I am reminded of this confluence of love with labour of the international Amazonite gem stones found in the rain-forest of Brazil, decorated with silver intricate motif flowers. The clasp is an influence from the tribal jewellery style of Rajasthan.

As I wear this necklace I realize, we all grow up together, homogeneously with the gift from the rain-forests natural abundance of gemstones and the flower motif which represents the Hindu obeisance to the Goddess in you and me. The seamless sewing of different cultures into one common tapestry of art and craft leaves one amazed.

The jewellery is her personal story of this diversity and of our common shared world culture.Women adorning jewellery rich in art and craftsmanship will always be the point of attention among other women who gather and gossip in social get togethers. And the wearers eyes will betray the self-love and indulgence as she wears this conversation-starting jewellery, created by the artisans from the rich Shekhawati region of Rajasthan.

What kept me intrigued was the story of this young bride who entered the Boochra household. They were jewellery makers since many years. It took her enterprising father-in-law to notice her curious eyes and he knew he had found his art inheritance. He encouraged his young “Bahu” to step out of the kitchen confines and enter the male-dominated world of jewellery designing. Sangeeta found her artistic anchor in her new found passion.

Today, the brand boasts of celebrities and Heads of States who have donned her creations. As you hear her story, you believe that a father-in-law can also be a mentor. It takes a real father figure to do that. Sangeeta remains eternally grateful for this inheritance of art and business. Just as they would say in the Shekhawati dialect, “Ma thane ghano samman desyu” which translates to“I give you great respect” for restoring the magnificence of the royalty and making it available for all of us.

Re-emergence is refreshingly soulful in this Mughal inspired necklace. I could happily have more and more of Sangeeta Boochra in my collections.

Sangeeta Boochra’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sangeetaboochra

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