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Allure For Aluminium

January 23, 2019

Remains and ruins are beautiful. We travel across the globe to bask in the beauty of the remains of a culture, that has been buried in the debris of time. We may not give enough artistic credit to spaces which has the remains of a modern structure made of aluminium, cement, sand and stones. Yet artists all over have found inspiration in a messy mesh of wires, that speak a story that only the creative mind can hear.

I have found art in the unfinished structures, where wires are gnawing out of the brick and mortar. Sometimes a half done project tells you a story that the reader wants to create its own ending. It’s like a Kafkaesque moment! Boxes cannot box you, in fact, it urges you to break free from the lines carved around it.

I am drawn to the Brazilian artist Monica Krexa’s aluminium minimalist necklace. As I held it against my skin, I was wondering what would she be thinking while designing this piece. It’s alluring, yet restrained. I may not be able to travel the world to collect memorabilia but to quench that need, to find a style which matches your sensibilities is the ever hungry creative space like Scarlet Sage. They curate uncommon jewellery from across the globe. Sanjana of Scarlet Sage is not from Bangalore, but you find her pieces in Verandah, one of the most eclectic stores in the Garden City.

This necklace is a contemporary piece of jewellery. Monica Krexa uses aluminium by pure chance. The first bracelet was made by wires that she found in a building. The malleability of aluminium and its sheen adds to the minimalist artistic creation. It is a sustainable endeavour because being ecologically correct, aluminium can be recycled easily. The very use of this material is a philosophy of life, where the aesthetic appeal of the product is retained along with the lightness and durability. This does not darken with sweat or reacts to your skin, making it functional yet artsy. This necklace was her first piece as a new and upcoming designer.

As I wear my necklace, it settles on my bare cleavage. I know that this geometric design is going to be appealing only to a wearer who can differentiate between art and a mere accessory. Today, I wear this with elan. I know I carry the sensibility of an artist, who found art in the forgotten spaces of structures. I know that design and creativity are not born every day, to find magic in the mundane is an ephemeral moment. Suddenly, you are awestruck with beauty that arose from the debris around you. You find magic in that wire which can be shaped anyhow you wish it to be. Gold can be gaudy, silver can be a statement but sometimes aluminium is the answer.

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