Vanity inside my Little Clutch

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My little clutch like the must Have in a woman ’s wardrobe the LBD the little black dress we need the perfect little clutch. So girls Clutch the clutch before you lose the touch. Come on girls we all know that no outfit is complete without the right clutch that pours out vanity into that little magic accessory. So ditch the blue, black, beige tote and catch the clutch that smolders silently with your outfit.

On most days I pair my clutch with my chosen outfit. With My beige saree, I carry the black zardosi clutch with my western black fitted dress I choose the bohemian clutch. It doesn’t shout out loud but has a language of its own. The embellished Potlis cradle the karigars love story of the craft and the passion for the rich cultural heritage of India.

Who am I disagree that it’s our treasure house of things we can’t step out without. My little mirror that helps me adjust my lipstick when I have bitten more than I can chew.

So ladies keep your Clutches in your clutches because without them our outfit is a little fewer notches.


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