Zardosi Art

The Art Of Zardosi

As I navigated my way through the gully of Lucknow, I knew I was walking through a slice of Mughal history. The artisans, the chaste polite Urdu Zubaan, the Chikankari and the…

Sexy In Sequins

It was a hot summer noon in Delhi and we decided to meet over coffee. As I walked into the crowded snaky lane of Shahpur Jat, I recalled the little unknown spot…

Dotty About The Dot Design

It’s the summer noon and the mood is frisky. I look out into the bright sun. The summer wardrobe special is always the whites, pastels and the one polka dot dress. It…

From The Broken Mirror Of Hope

What is your identity? What is your eyesight, is it male or female? What is your heart? Do you refer to it as he or she? What is the colour of your…

Evil Eyes That Stare At Me

The Evil Eye is synonymous with the city of Istanbul. Everywhere you go, you are surrounded with the evil eye staring at you. The Turkish believe it as the good “djinn” that…



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What is reputation?
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I found myself in those villages of West Bengal where the smell of the “Gondhoraj Lebu”, a special lime found in Bengal is distinctly around with its subtle fragrance. My sense of familiarity was present all along in my conversation with Manas Ghorai and his journey. Read the full blog from link in bio.
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Capture the essence of the fleeting moments
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