The Lost Rainbow On The Horizon

It was the rain-drenched hills ahead that soaked my soul in the quest of me. The mountains were not visible any longer as the rain poured unhindered against the damp moss-covered hills.…

Indira Gandhi Collection

Women world over struggle to wear the lipstick and not let the mascara run. The recognition of women being multitasking human beings is known in every society. Yet the power rules continue…

Ode To The Lotus

Karimnagar Filigree Jewellery “As you make the moonlight the adornment of your bare body and rise from the depths of the water beneath the earth, with all the force of your celestial…



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~The Collective Creative Conciousness Cresendo In Channapatna, with Atul Johri~⁣
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Beyond the unspoken and spoken words lie thoughts. Those thoughts are also dreams that sometimes urge us to translate that fluidity into a form also called reality. When we realize those inner messages we transcend into our inner being of the subconscious mind, meeting those silent words like a prayer from above.
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May India witness many more authors like Maheshweta Devi. A journalist, activist and writer, born yesterday in British India, Dhaka, Bengal. Her writings chronicled the struggle of the tribals in India and the rural women who faced subjugation because of the caste system and patriarchy rampant in a society that doesn’t recognise the marginalised.
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A Campus called JNU